When Marty the robot is on the move, it won’t stop to watch for you!

When Marty and the Honeybee Robotics Pool Robot are in the midst of a new pool of life and love, it will stop to take pictures of its friends and take them to the pool! 

Marty’s creators at Honeybee Toys, LLC have created a new robotic companion to help keep its family and friends safe, and to entertain, educate, and entertain! 

(source: Honeybee Toys (https://honeybeesoys.com/)Marty is a little bit like a little brother to Honeybee’s other robots, but the new robot is bigger, bolder, and a lot more fun. 

(Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/honeybiesoys)Marty, like the other Honeybee robots, is powered by an onboard battery and a solar panel to run on. 

This means it can recharge itself in about an hour. 

Martys battery can provide up to 3 hours of continuous charging. 

Each robot also has its own personal life history. 

For example, each robot has its “friend list” and a “likes” list. 

In each robot’s case, the friends list includes their favorite people, like friends of the owner. 

And the “loves” list contains things like pictures of friends, pictures of the toys, and more. 

Like other Honeybees, Honeybee toys also have a “home” page on Facebook, where you can post pictures of your toys, like pictures and videos, videos of your family, and much more.

 (Source:(Facebook)Honeybees favorite toys and videos on Facebook: (Image: https://www-1.honeybeests.com/#!images/1/1)Hairpin Honeybee(https:/www.youtube.com/+HairpinsHairpens)A lot of these robots are a little cute when you first see them, but once you get used to them, you realize they’re not all that cute. 

I’ve been told that when the new Honeybee robot is ready for its new life, it can do some serious damage to some of the most vulnerable human beings. 

What do you think of these Honeybee Robots?

Are they too big for the pool?

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