When is a Spider Robot Too Much?

This article is the fifth in a series exploring the challenges of the emerging field of cyberwarfare. 

When it comes to robots, there’s been a lot of debate about the proper role of robots in the modern world. 

For many, robots have become an essential part of society. 

But for others, robots are too much. 

The robots in question are not toys. 

They are weapons. 

There’s been plenty of debate over the future of robots as we know them. 

What’s at stake is how much we want to be reliant on robots to run our lives.

Read more on the robot wars in this video: The robot wars, from robotics to warfare, are back with a vengeance. 

In the latest episode of CyberWarriors, Dr. Jennifer Dutton explores the latest advances in cyberwar. 

This is a very good episode. 

It’s well worth your time and money. 

As a special bonus for CyberWarrior fans, I’ve embedded the episode above for your viewing pleasure. 

You can also watch CyberWarriest on YouTube.

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