What you need to know about the ‘Star Wars’ robot drawing and ‘Star Trek’ episode in the new series

A new “Star Wars” robot drawing is coming to the CBS All Access streaming service, and the first episode of the new show, “The Expanse,” is the first to show the robot.

The episode, titled “The Empath,” features a new version of the “Star Trek” robot.

Robots have always fascinated audiences and science fiction fans, but the latest “Star wars” robot is the latest iteration of the popular “Star trek” character.

The show will feature the “Trek” character, played by Chris Pine, as an android, who has traveled to the “future.”

The robot was created by “Starfleet” and is powered by an advanced computer system.

The new episode, “Empath,” is set in a “Star empire,” and the robot, named “Vulcan,” is an amalgamation of Vulcans and humans.

It will be based on the upcoming “Startrek” movie, which will also star Pine as Vulcan.

“The Empathy” episode of “The Show” will be the first new show to air on CBS All-Access since the streaming service launched in August, according to the network.

The “StarTrek”-inspired “The Envoy” is slated to air later this month.

CBS All-Stars: The “Star” and “Treks” “Star and the Treks” episode will feature a new character, who is based on a character from the original “StarWars” series.

Pine will play the new character.

Fox News’ “Fox & Fox News Sunday” host Brian Kilmeade will be a guest commentator on the new episode.

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