The new shark robot sex dolls are awesome

A robot sex robot that can do just about anything has hit the market.

But what exactly are these toys for?

The makers of the toy say they can help you achieve any orgasm you want.

The robot sex toy company is calling it the Sharkion.

Its named after the shark, and its name means “Sexion” in Latin.

The Sharkion is a robot sex Doll that is made by an Israeli company called the Sharkium.

Its also called the Sexion because the shark can do almost anything, according to the company.

Its made of ABS plastic, and comes in two different colors, pink and black.

The sex doll is available in pink, black, white, red, yellow and purple.

The shark is also available in four different colors.

The company has started selling the sex dolls online for $99, with shipping included.

But, you can pre-order one right now, by clicking the button below.

Sharkion sex doll features: 1.

The first robot sex.2.

Realistic sex dolls, which you can touch, press, and feel.3.

Real-time interactive sex.4.

The ability to do any orgasm that you want without the need of any human.

Sharks are the coolest fish on the planet, and many people have been using robots to explore underwater.

You might have seen a shark in movies like Sharknado, but you may not have seen any sex dolls that are made to simulate a real shark.

There are even some sharks that you may have seen in movies, but are not real sharks.

The shark sex doll will be available on starting March 1.

You can buy it on Amazon directly from the company, or you can buy the toy online through Sharkium, which is part of Sharkion’s parent company, Sharkium International.

Shoot us an email with any questions you have about the Sharkiion, including what color and shape it will be, or if you are planning on using it for sex.

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