The most dangerous robot you’ve never heard of

With the MIP-robot set to go into the spotlight for the first time, a new documentary aims to expose the dangers it poses.

The MIP robot is the first ever robotic vacuum cleaner to feature an automated cleaning system that works by using sensors and lasers to vacuum the entire room and even remove all the dirt and dust.

The robot is set to be the first of its kind, but it won’t be the only one to come into the public eye.

The BBC’s Shark Robot has been filming at a new indoor fish farm in the UK for the past six months.

The robot will use its camera to scan the room and remove any contaminants, such as food, rubbish or water, before it begins the process of washing the fish.

It will then go back out to the farm and repeat the process.

Robot Vacuum cleaner owner Nick McAlister, a former chef who now runs a robotics company, said it would be a “terrific” way to clean up fish ponds.

“You’re going to have to be able to keep your head up and get yourself back into the kitchen, I’m sure the fish will thank you,” he said.

He said he had no idea how long it would take for the robot to reach his home.

However, Mr McAlisters claims it will be the fastest robot to be installed in a fish pond in the country.

“The first thing I would say is that it’s going to be incredibly fast, it’s a real joy to be working with it, and it’s not going to take me long to get it into the water,” he told ABC News.

Mr McAlsters, who has been using the robot for two years, said he was inspired by the robots ability to clean carpets.

After the robot was installed, he used a hand to clean a nearby pool, which he said was “just a really nice feeling”.

He also used a robot to vacuum up a car wash, but the car was not ready to be cleaned at the time.

When asked if he thought the Mip robot would be good for fish, Mr Marlister said it was “not a bad idea” to test it.

But he also cautioned that it was a new robot and “it’s going on the market right now, so the science is going to come out”.

The Mip-rooper was developed by Dutch company Dontrobot in 2012 and is designed to “re-use existing robotic systems” that already existed.

There is also a competing robot that uses a similar design, but is not designed to remove the filth of fish.

The device was developed to be an efficient tool for cleaning carpets and other surfaces, and is available as a kit from the manufacturer for $19.95.

This is not the first robot designed to do cleaning work.

Last year, a robot vacuum cleaner from China was featured on ABC TV.

ABC News reporter Peter Evans has spent a year travelling around Europe to research and report on new technologies, and to meet people who are using them to help clean up the environment.


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