The coolest robot you never knew you wanted

Cool robots have made us all super cool, and Lego’s Styx has proven a hit with many.

But it’s not all about the robots.

The toy has also spawned a whole world of fan art, and now a new one has emerged: a cool robot picture.

In the latest batch of Lego Star Wars sets, we get a new rendition of Luke Skywalker from the movies, including his signature “wings and a tail.”

The new image was posted to the BrickLink blog on Monday, but it’s just one of a number of cool-looking robot pictures being shared on social media.

Here are a few of the coolest robots Lego has released this year:A new model of The Force Awakens droid, “Star Wars Rebels,” has been featured in the latest wave of Lego releases.

Here’s the new “StarWars Rebels” figure, which has been snapped up by many fans for the latest sets.

It has been a hit in its own right.

A fan has created a “Styx mrr robo” robot image on the Bricklink blog that’s being used to promote the Lego Star War line.

The image is based on a Lego Star Destroyer, but with a different look.

Here it is:Here’s another “Stys robo,” based on the classic LEGO Star Destroyer model, with a much more colorful exterior.

The Lego Star Battle line is set to hit store shelves this fall.

But if you want to recreate one of the Star Wars toys, the only thing you need to do is take a look at these cool LEGO models.

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