How to control your robot from within the cloud

Google is rolling out a new service that lets you control your autonomous robot from a computer within the web browser.The new app is a Chrome extension that lets the robot use the web and apps it is currently using to communicate with its creators.“We’ve added a lot of new features, and we hope toRead More

The most expensive robot ever made in Australia

Posted April 15, 2020 12:22:27It is a big machine.The most powerful machine ever built in Australia.And it costs more than a million dollars.A robot vacuum cleaner.The biggest robot ever built is called a robot vacuum, and it’s a robot designed to suck air into a vacuum cleaner to remove contaminants from the air and cleanseRead More

How to protect your house from robots

Police robots are becoming more common in Australia, and with them, more sophisticated security measures to prevent a police robot from hijacking your home.Here are some tips to keep your house safe.Police robots are more common In 2017, there were 1,064 police robots deployed in Australia.Police are not the only ones that have developed theseRead More

Giant robot cartoon: A Giant Robot Japan, Japan

The cartoon giant robot Japan is a series of five episodes created by Cartoon Network’s “Futurama” and featuring the robot Futurama as its main protagonist.It premiered in 2008 and has been a popular hit since then.Japans cartoon giant robots were designed by the Japanese toy manufacturer Tatsunoko Production and are modeled after the Tatsumikage, aRead More

Miso robots, robots, and robots

Robots have arrived on the scene to help people with disabilities.A Japanese company has been developing robots that can mimic the function of people with autism and help them do their jobs better.The robots can even interact with humans and are also able to assist with communication.This is not the first time robots have beenRead More

This robot is going to take over the world!

Engadgets title This is the robot that’s going to change everything about robotics article Engads article Engada’s new robotic robot has just received its first official design certification, and it’s already making some very interesting claims about how it’ll change the way we live. It looks like a cute little robot with a bunch of interestingRead More

What is a robot cleaner?

When a robot is cleaning your apartment, or even your car, you might think of a robot vacuum, but there are actually many other robot cleaners available to do similar tasks.Here’s what a robot cleaning is all about.What’s a robot?Robots are the smallest machines you can buy and use.They have legs and a head, butRead More

Walmart Robot Vacuum Boy is a Boy

Walmart robots have been making headlines in recent years, but one thing they have never had to worry about is sex.This year, the company unveiled the Walmart Robot, which can be programmed to masturbate and have sex with people in the room.In an effort to combat the growing number of transgender people who choose toRead More

AI: A new type of robot voice?

I’d been hoping to get my hands on the first official version of the Aibo, but now, it’s not on the shelves.It’s been around for a while now, but the Aizies are not only still getting some attention, they’re getting a lot of attention.They’re the real deal, and the first robot voice that really works.IRead More

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