Which robot is better at hunting dogs?

It’s a question that’s been asked more than once.And, of course, it’s a good one.It comes down to the ability to detect, follow and react to the movement of a dog in real time.Robots have been making significant strides in detecting and tracking dogs for decades, but a new type of robot that could makeRead More

How to protect your house from robots

Police robots are becoming more common in Australia, and with them, more sophisticated security measures to prevent a police robot from hijacking your home.Here are some tips to keep your house safe.Police robots are more common In 2017, there were 1,064 police robots deployed in Australia.Police are not the only ones that have developed theseRead More

Why we need to get our own robot in 2018

Iain McGregor, the inventor of the Vex, is one of the world’s leading roboticists.He’s now on his second tour around the world.But it’s not only his work that he wants to share.Iain wants to create a new kind of roboticist in 2018.“We need to go beyond what we’re doing right now,” he says.The new kindRead More

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