How to Make Johnny 5 Robot Toys,Robots for Sale

The world’s most popular boy band is on its way back to the big screen.Johnny 5 is heading back to theaters next month to make its big-screen debut.This comes on the heels of a trailer released in December that was widely praised by fans.The trailer is a look at the upcoming Johnny 5 movie thatRead More

How a 17-year-old robot can help me get my job

Robots are coming for your jobs.And they’re coming for a lot of jobs.The robots are coming.And the people that make those robots, they’re going to be the most disruptive force in our economy, the researchers say.And we should prepare ourselves for that.“We are in the midst of the most rapid and unprecedented transition in history,”Read More

Robots for sale in the UK

A robot that is designed to make tea and ice cream is available for sale on Amazon for $1,100 (£745).The bot is named Pepper, and it has a 1.2-metre-tall body, a 4-foot-tall (1.7-meter) base, a 10-inch (25-centimeter) robot head, and two legs, which are capable of lifting a small kettle.The bot weighs just 5kg (12lb)Read More

Robot-Buying Company, the company that built the robotic arm, has bought a drone company that builds drones for sale

Blue Robotics, a company that designs and builds drones, announced Monday that it has bought the company BlueRobotics, which designs and develops robotic arm robots.The purchase is part of BlueRobots efforts to diversify its offerings, which are geared towards commercial and industrial customers, BlueRobotic CEO Mike Johnson said in a statement.BlueRobotics was founded in 2014Read More

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