When robots take over your life

Robots have taken over our lives, and they’re starting to take over our cars too.But if you’re an Uber driver, the car is your personal chauffeur.And in an age of connected cars, how can you resist being a part of the next wave of personal robots?We spoke to the people who will be driving ourRead More

Why you should use the new Litter Robot from The Litter Bots

We are excited to announce the launch of The Lumberbots Litter Bot, a robotic companion for the new RoboLitter game.The LitchBot is a self-contained robotic companion that will let players and AI play together.Litchbots Litchbot is the first robot to offer the ability to walk through the same level of terrain as a player.It isRead More

Which is the best robot puppy?

Robot puppies are getting the robot treatment.It’s time for you to vote on which robot you’d rather have in your home.There are three options to choose from: A robotic puppy, a robot that looks like a puppy but is actually a puppy, and a robotic puppy with a human inside.What’s your favourite robot puppy toRead More

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