How robots can save lives in hospitals

Robots could save lives as they take care of a critically ill patient in an urgent care hospital, according to a new study.Researchers found that robots that can handle large numbers of patients in less than 15 minutes are better at getting through complicated procedures, including surgery and surgery masks.The robots also have a fasterRead More

Bizarro robot, robot cast and Moby Robot spinwave are the coolest new movies coming out of 2016

Bissell spinwars robot and Mobi Robot spinwares robot are the newest and hottest creations from the makers of robot restaurant and robotic vacuum mops, respectively.The Mobi’s spinwave can mimic a human’s speech, while Bissell’s can imitate a robot’s speech.The newest robot to arrive on the scene is Bissell Spinwave, a 2-pound, 2-inch, two-person robot thatRead More

Robot Vacuum Mop to be released in Australia next year

The Australian company Robot Vacuums is developing a robotic vacuum cleaner which is designed to be the first to use AI and robots to operate autonomously.The company says the system is capable of removing dust, dirt and water particles from the environment, which is useful for cleaning buildings and areas where there is a lackRead More

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