A male robot vacuum cleaner has been made in an anime style

Eufy Robot Vacuum, the company behind the Gita Robot Girl, the humanoid robot that was made into a sexy anime-style robot vacuum by Japanese animator, Gita Eufiyoshi, has released a sexy robotic pool cleaner modeled after the female robot.Eufy is one of the most popular brands of male sex robots in the world.The company’s productRead More

How Robots Will Change the World

Robots, as we know them, are here to stay.They are here for our convenience, our enjoyment, our safety, and for the sake of our planet.The future is already here.And that’s why we need to embrace it.Robots are already changing the way we work, live, and interact with one another, and we can’t wait to startRead More

How to create a robot that looks like a woman

When you think of a robot, most likely you think the one on a screen will look like one you’ve seen before, but you’d probably be surprised how many people have been inspired to create something new with that assumption.And in fact, if you’re looking for a new gender robot, you’re probably not alone.Female sexRead More

Walmart Robot Vacuum Boy is a Boy

Walmart robots have been making headlines in recent years, but one thing they have never had to worry about is sex.This year, the company unveiled the Walmart Robot, which can be programmed to masturbate and have sex with people in the room.In an effort to combat the growing number of transgender people who choose toRead More

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