How to make your own robot love death robots

You can build your own love death robot, or even your own killer robot.You don’t need a whole robot to do this, but there are some robots you might want to try.1.A robot that loves you back.You could get your own robots, which can only die if they are hurt.This is known as “love death”Read More

‘Litter Robot’ to be built in Japan, reports WND

Litter robots, a type of robotic trash can used by the military, are being used in the United States to help feed troops and their families, and to clean up battlefields and debris.The Litter Robot is a prototype of the Litterbots, a robotic trash receptacle that can house up to 30,000 items including diapers, pillows,Read More

What do robots and love have in common?

Amazon’s robot vacuum is a love death robot that will eventually destroy the world.That’s what the company told investors this week in a presentation.That may seem a little too grandiose, but the company is actually just another company trying to make money off of a love of death.And in that sense, Amazon is doing whatRead More

Which love robots are right for you?

Two years ago, the makers of the Love Robot vacuums were working on a new kind of robot that would give the user a sense of closeness.Their prototype was called the Love Machine.But it wasn’t enough.So they turned to a more practical robot, the Love Deeper, that would be much more versatile and affordable.The DeeperRead More

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