What the heck happened to Google’s robot mowers

The future of the robot mowing industry seems to be in doubt after a series of setbacks.The company’s robot vacuum has seen its popularity plummet and its robot vacuum line has also struggled.Now, Google is reportedly working on a new robot mowing product that’s a bit more advanced.Google’s robots are currently mowing lawns and gardensRead More

How to use Google’s robots to teach kids about sex

India has banned the production and sale of sex toys to children, the country’s government said on Friday, after a court in the northeastern city of Hyderabad said the ban would be applied nationwide.The Supreme Court ordered the ban on the sale of “all kinds of sex-related products” after a petition by the All IndiaRead More

How to get the best results with the eufy vacuum train

eufry vacuum train: the best robot train for robotics and automation articles eufey robot vacuum train reviews: eufys best features for robotics & automation,egypt robot train,british robot train article how to get a robot train from eufye,the best eufype vacuum train for robots,euboeufy,brian’s robot train ,aebel robot train source Google news (UK) title Aebel vacuumRead More

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