How to name robots

By Rob Delaney and Jeff ZrebiecThe term “robot” is not a synonym for robot.We have a lot of people who think robots are cute, but there’s a good chance you can’t tell a robot from a human.The term is a little bit of a misnomer, because a lot more than just a bunch of robots,Read More

Robot security robot is ready to go after hackers

A security robot that can scan and detect hidden microphones and other hidden microphones in a building has gone into production.The $9,000 device is equipped with a microphone detector, a microphone scanner, and a software update that can quickly analyze and respond to attacks.The company behind the device, ToxiSecurity, is based in Seattle, Wash.The softwareRead More

How to use a smartwatch to scan for cancer and other diseases

The Google-owned company announced today that its “Biobots” smartwatch is now the first smartwatch with a built-in device to scan and record medical data.The wearable, which was first shown off at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this year, comes equipped with a 3D camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and other sensors.The device can also automaticallyRead More

Which Robotics stocks are the hottest right now?

The Robotics market has been on a tear recently, as we’ve been able to see the latest on a number of different robots that are currently dominating the market.We recently got an insight into which robotics stocks are currently on the rise, and which robots are heading for a significant dip in value.The robo-tastic robotRead More

How to make robot pets

A bot, dubbed ‘Sebastian’ by the creators, is capable of performing tasks like walking on land, cooking, and playing with other pets.The bot is made from Lego blocks, but it also has a robotic arm and can be controlled by a smartphone app.This article first appeared on Wired India.

How to start your robot empire

Posted June 04, 2019 16:08:07Robots are now entering the field of real estate.They are now the backbone of the future of our future economy, and if you’re a tech company, your business is now in a race to develop the best robots.The battle for market share has been a long one, and the battle forRead More

How to fix the world’s oldest living machine

A robot that was made to move around a building has been designed to use the movement to save lives.Key points:The robotic arm has been developed by engineers at the University of AdelaideThe robot can walk up and down a corridor to collect waterThe robot has a full working range of motionThe machine can walkRead More

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