How to make a robot that speaks to you

If you’re looking to add an additional voice to your conversations, you may be in luck.A team of scientists in Germany has developed a device that can read a person’s mind, and it does so in the blink of an eye.They’ve also used the technology to make robotic assistants that can interact with the humanRead More

A male robot vacuum cleaner has been made in an anime style

Eufy Robot Vacuum, the company behind the Gita Robot Girl, the humanoid robot that was made into a sexy anime-style robot vacuum by Japanese animator, Gita Eufiyoshi, has released a sexy robotic pool cleaner modeled after the female robot.Eufy is one of the most popular brands of male sex robots in the world.The company’s productRead More

Robots can see in the dark

Robots can read in the darkness.That’s according to researchers at the University of Michigan, who have created an automated, robot-based vision system that uses a smartphone app to scan the scene.The system is called TheRobot.The team says it’s a big step forward for the field, and they’ve even built an app that lets people checkRead More

Which robot can you tell which is a dog?

A robot that can determine whether a person is a robot or not has just been launched in South Korea.Neato Robotics, which was founded in 2015 by former Google robotics engineer Eric Lee, said its robot was capable of detecting whether a human is a human, a canine or a cat.The machine was developed toRead More

When the first robot can do the job, you want it to be a robot

The first robots that can perform a variety of tasks have been demonstrated in labs.They include the vacuum cleaner, the wheelchair and even the new electric vehicle.Now, researchers are trying to make one for humans.This month, the International Society of Robotics, or ISRO, announced a new project that aims to bring together roboticists, engineers andRead More

How to kill robots: How to build killer robots

Killer robots are coming.They’re going to be everywhere.They have a name: the robot apocalypse.They are already here.And they are terrifying.But they’re not all bad.A lot of good things are possible with robots.They can help us with health care, for example, by providing safe, automated delivery for medical and dental patients, helping us protect our homesRead More

How to use robot legs for robot swimming lure

A robot leg can be used for robotics in water, but it requires the use of a small, high-tech device called a “robot arm” to control the robot.Read more about robotics,robots,robotic swimming,limbs,robo-mascot article Robot legs are a relatively new technology.The only known robot legs are those used in the movies “RoboCop” and “Blade Runner,” bothRead More

The Jones Robot Jones

The JONES ROBOT JONES is a series of robots that have been designed and built by JONES robot specialists.The robot specialists at JONES are able to make complex, accurate, and powerful robots.The JONE robot is built on a specially designed frame.It has a number of sensors and an onboard computer.The robots movements are controlled byRead More

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