Robot-Buying Company, the company that built the robotic arm, has bought a drone company that builds drones for sale

Blue Robotics, a company that designs and builds drones, announced Monday that it has bought the company BlueRobotics, which designs and develops robotic arm robots.

The purchase is part of BlueRobots efforts to diversify its offerings, which are geared towards commercial and industrial customers, BlueRobotic CEO Mike Johnson said in a statement.

BlueRobotics was founded in 2014 by engineers who worked at Google’s robotics unit.

The company was also the original company to build the robotic hand of Google cofounder Sergey Brin.

BlueRobot is currently a private company.

The acquisition is part, according to Johnson, of Blue Robotics’ broader efforts to grow its offerings beyond its traditional commercial and research focus.

The announcement comes as BlueRoboto is under fire from some critics for its reliance on drones to deliver goods and services.

BlueRobots robotic arm arm robot, shown in a 2013 video, is made by BlueRobOT.

It uses a 3D printed 3D-printed plastic structure to make its arm.

Johnson said BlueRobotos robotics arm is not a replacement for humans, but the company hopes it can help it become more efficient.

The BlueRobOTS robotic arm is designed to perform various tasks in a safe and reliable manner.

The arm, which is designed for industrial, industrial-scale jobs, can also be used in remote-controlled vehicles.

Blue RobotOTS uses a high-speed, lightweight 3D printer to build its arm, with 3D printing technology that Johnson said makes it “a true mass-production 3D design.”

The company plans to launch a new line of robotic arm drones, which will be “designed for different industrial tasks, such as lifting, cutting, welding, welding-reinforcing and other machining, in addition to delivery and transportation,” Johnson said.

While the robotic arms are intended for specific jobs, Blue Robotics also hopes to eventually build the arm into other robots that can be used for other industrial tasks.

It will also be developing robotic hand-bots that can perform tasks such as opening or closing mailboxes, delivering packages, delivering documents, and carrying out tasks that would require humans to be involved, such at sorting packages.

The robots for sale are all 3D printers that have been printed to make their 3D structure, Johnson said, adding that the new robots will also use other technologies such as lasers to help automate tasks that are more time-consuming than traditional robots.

In the past, Blue Robots has worked with several robotics companies, including Honeywell and 3D Systems, to produce 3D printable parts for its arm robots, Johnson added.

“Our customers are a wide range of industries, and they’re very passionate about using 3D modeling and 3-D printing,” Johnson added, noting that BlueRobos has already been working with a number of robotics companies to help them manufacture parts for the robotic robots.

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