How to use a smartwatch to scan for cancer and other diseases

The Google-owned company announced today that its “Biobots” smartwatch is now the first smartwatch with a built-in device to scan and record medical data.The wearable, which was first shown off at the Google I/O developer conference earlier this year, comes equipped with a 3D camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and other sensors.The device can also automaticallyRead More

Which Robotics stocks are the hottest right now?

The Robotics market has been on a tear recently, as we’ve been able to see the latest on a number of different robots that are currently dominating the market.We recently got an insight into which robotics stocks are currently on the rise, and which robots are heading for a significant dip in value.The robo-tastic robotRead More

How to make robot pets

A bot, dubbed ‘Sebastian’ by the creators, is capable of performing tasks like walking on land, cooking, and playing with other pets.The bot is made from Lego blocks, but it also has a robotic arm and can be controlled by a smartphone app.This article first appeared on Wired India.

What do robots and love have in common?

Amazon’s robot vacuum is a love death robot that will eventually destroy the world.That’s what the company told investors this week in a presentation.That may seem a little too grandiose, but the company is actually just another company trying to make money off of a love of death.And in that sense, Amazon is doing whatRead More

When is a Spider Robot Too Much?

This article is the fifth in a series exploring the challenges of the emerging field of cyberwarfare. When it comes to robots, there’s been a lot of debate about the proper role of robots in the modern world. For many, robots have become an essential part of society. But for others, robots are too much. The robots in questionRead More

How to start your robot empire

Posted June 04, 2019 16:08:07Robots are now entering the field of real estate.They are now the backbone of the future of our future economy, and if you’re a tech company, your business is now in a race to develop the best robots.The battle for market share has been a long one, and the battle forRead More

How to fix the world’s oldest living machine

A robot that was made to move around a building has been designed to use the movement to save lives.Key points:The robotic arm has been developed by engineers at the University of AdelaideThe robot can walk up and down a corridor to collect waterThe robot has a full working range of motionThe machine can walkRead More

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