‘I just wanted to be happy’: Unicorn attacker says he wanted to ‘be happy’

Unicorn attacker Jeremy Smith was the victim of a cyberattack by a botnet that was designed to create chaos and confusion.

Smith, 27, said he had no idea the botnet was being used and had no experience of botnets.

The attack was reported to the FBI on Monday and is being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security.

“I thought that maybe they were trying to kill me or something,” Smith told Business Insider.

“It was really just an attack on my reputation.”

Smith had previously been in a relationship with a girl, and he said that when she told him she had been raped, he was angry, and thought that he was going to be killed.

He said he used to live with his girlfriend at home, and that she was a “nice girl.”

“I was thinking, ‘What if I do this?

What if this goes on to hurt my reputation and everything I’ve worked so hard for?

What’s the worst that could happen?'”

Smith said.

He was unable to get into a computer, and the attack was carried out on his home network.

The botnet then sent out malicious emails to people Smith knew on his Facebook page, including a tweet that read “We want to be in a better relationship now that we’ve had a break.”

The emails were then posted to a social media site called “Voat,” which was designed as a platform for people to post their real names, their social security numbers, and other personal details.

This included their addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

The emails included instructions for what to do with the information.

Smith said that, for about two days, he didn’t even know who he was.

The last time he checked, he said he was now “pretty much a ghost” on the social media platform.

The messages were sent via a third-party software program called “Nginx.”

In the messages, Nginx told Smith to delete his social media accounts and said he would be sent a link to download a “revenge” software update.

“You know what I didn’t understand?

I didn`t even have a computer at the time,” Smith said in an interview with Business Insider, explaining why he didn´t know what was happening to him.

“So, I was like, ‘Well, I don’t have a laptop.

Why do I have to go and do all this?'”

He said the bot-net was sending emails to him that said, “We have an update that you have to download, we have to update your computer to the latest version.

If you don’t want to download it, just click the link on your screen and we’ll get you a free one.

You can click it and it’ll download the update for you.”

But the email wasn’t going to do much good, because it was being sent via “NGIX” which had no control over it.

“What was the point of downloading a software update that was supposed to make everything more secure?

What is NGIX?

It wasn’t even going to make anything more secure,” Smith recalled.

“This is the type of software that is going to put my identity at risk.

I just wanted something that would make it less of a hassle for me.”

Smith said the “reaction” to the bot attack was overwhelming, and some people even tried to contact him to make a complaint.

He received messages that said he needed to delete the account or that he would have to pay for a “restaurant and drink,” but no one came forward to help him.

He ended up having to delete a large number of his posts and then delete the accounts of some of his friends, who were also not responding to his messages.

Smith was able to get his Facebook and Twitter accounts back online after a day, but the attack didn’t stop.

“There’s no way I could have done this,” he said.

“The whole thing was just me sitting there, just thinking, I’m just going to sit there.

It’s just a lot of frustration and anger.”

When he went to his local hardware store to get a new computer, he discovered that the machines that had been damaged in the attack had been repaired.

He also found out that NGIQ, the software that was responsible for the bot attacks, was “downgraded” to version 4.4.5, and it was no longer able to access his computer’s files.

“NICE has had to change some of their protocols, but NGIQL is still there,” Smith wrote in a blog post.

“To fix this, they will need to upgrade to version 5.0.2.”

It is not clear how many of the machines Smith said he bought had the bot software installed.

He explained that the bot was using the “backlog” function to create random passwords.

Smith did not know the exact number of computers that had the backdoor and that NICE did not

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