How to use Google’s robots to teach kids about sex

India has banned the production and sale of sex toys to children, the country’s government said on Friday, after a court in the northeastern city of Hyderabad said the ban would be applied nationwide.

The Supreme Court ordered the ban on the sale of “all kinds of sex-related products” after a petition by the All India Sex Education and Research Organisation (AISSERO) and the Hyderabad-based NGO Baba Ramdev.

The ban would apply to all forms of sex toy, including toys designed for children, as well as toys that are “made from plastic, rubber, metal or wood.”

The government has set aside 1.3 billion rupees ($2.3 million) to create sex education and rehabilitation centres across the country, as part of a plan to “educate children about the dangers of sex and promote healthy sexual relationships”.AISSERSO had said it planned to build 1,000 sex education centres across India by 2022.

The group had also called for the banning of “every kind of sex product, including sex toys.”

The government said the sex toys that it is banning will be made from “hard and durable material” and are “not suitable for children under 18 years of age.”

The group’s founder, Vishal Kumar, said in a statement that the ban will affect thousands of children, mostly in remote and rural areas, who have no access to sex education.

The ban on toys that include “sex toys that contain human body parts, organs, or blood, will affect the children of those areas, he added.

The ruling was hailed by rights groups, who say it is the latest step in a nationwide push to outlaw the sale and manufacture of sex products.

India bans ‘adult toy’ as children are increasingly exposed to their own body partsAisserso has previously said it has developed a “sex toy” that can help teach children about healthy sexual relations, including safe sex.

The toys, called the “Sex Robot,” are made from plastic or wood.

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