How to Use an Autonomous Robot Vacuum to Clean Your House

JIMU ROBOT VACUUMS, one of the biggest players in the field of automated vacuums, just raised $30 million in a Series B round led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.

The investment will allow the company to focus on expanding its product line and building out its customer base.

The new funding is an expansion of the Series A round that Sequoias announced in June.

The new funding will go toward new manufacturing capacity and a new suite of software that will allow JIMUs to operate autonomously, as well as to expand its customer network.

The company will also continue to expand operations in Asia and other countries, Sequoios CEO Michael Smith told VentureBeat.

He said JIMs first product will be the JIMVac, a “super-large” robot vacuum for homes, but he declined to share details about pricing or other details.

The first JIM robot vacuum is the JEM Vac, a vacuum for apartments.

That robot vacuum was announced back in 2009, and it was the first one to have a commercial product in the US.

Sequoiaty’s investments are just the beginning, Smith said, and the company plans to expand into more areas as it grows.

The JIMvac is one of a few robots that can actually move around the house, and its versatility is also a huge selling point.

JIM Vacs can do everything from removing furniture from a room to cleaning appliances, so it’s a great robot for people who are cleaning their homes in the mornings, Smith explained.

And since it’s the largest vacuum available, the JVM Vac is also the easiest to use, he added.JIM Vac owners can set their own schedules to let the vacuum do what it’s supposed to do.

That’s especially useful for people living in large apartment buildings where they can’t use a lot of space, Smith added.

But the JAM Vac, which is also designed to clean apartments, will be cheaper.

It’s priced at $799, which includes the JOM and JAMVas operating system, and is also compatible with Windows 10 and OS X.

The Series B rounds were led by Sequois main investors, Sequos Venture Capital and Sequoir Capital, Sequois CEO David DeGiorgio said in a statement.

He also noted that the company is a “leading market leader in the development of self-driving vehicles,” and is investing in projects that will make self-drive technology better.

The $30-million investment comes after JIM raised $22.4 million from investors earlier this year.

Sequos earlier investments in other startups include JIM Robotics, JIMM Robotics, and JIMBOT.

The company currently has eight JIM robots in service and has a fleet of five.JAM Robotics is a small company that sells vacuum cleaners, which makes it a great fit for Sequoio.

Its robot vacuum will be able to handle up to 25,000 pounds of vacuum, and Smith says it will be ready to roll out the service soon.

In the coming years, the company hopes to expand to commercial and industrial uses, Smith says.JOMM Robotics has a similar robot vacuum in the works, which Smith said it will offer to homeowners soon.

He added that the automatons technology could also help with the creation of other “smart” products that automate tasks like cleaning or cleaning appliances.

“We are looking at the use case of how you could automate things like getting things out of the house,” Smith said.

“We see a lot more automation in the future that we think could benefit people.”

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