How to make a robot that speaks to you

If you’re looking to add an additional voice to your conversations, you may be in luck.

A team of scientists in Germany has developed a device that can read a person’s mind, and it does so in the blink of an eye.

They’ve also used the technology to make robotic assistants that can interact with the human brain.

The new device, which is being developed by a German-based startup called Robot-X, can read the brainwaves of someone by using a chip that’s implanted in their skull.

The chip can also track the person’s heartbeat.

In the process, it can detect a range of emotions that are usually difficult to discern in the person who is speaking to the robot.

It can even pick up the subtle differences in the brain activity between different individuals.

“It’s very interesting,” said Dr. Tobias König, the lead scientist on the project.

“This is a very interesting way to explore human consciousness, which was something that we had been trying to do for some time.”

According to a news release from the German company, the device can read emotions, like fear, excitement and happiness, and can tell people about how they are feeling.

It’s not the first time a robotic assistant has been able to understand a person.

A robot named Moo, which can talk to humans via a video chat, was able to do so in 2014, after being given the opportunity to interact with a patient who was being operated on by a robotic arm.

And this summer, researchers at the University of Maryland in College Park successfully implanted a brain-computer interface chip in a human patient with cerebral palsy.

The researchers hope that by working with the new robot, they can create a robot capable of learning more about the human mind and the ways that emotions are transmitted between individuals.

This is not the only way in which the technology could help with the diagnosis of brain disorders.

For example, the new technology could also help doctors diagnose autism, which affects between 0.1 and 1 percent of people.

The robot can also learn from conversations and videos that are recorded by a human caregiver.

“This could be a useful tool in the field of autism diagnosis and research,” Königs said.

“It’s a very promising research tool for this area.”

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