How to give up your robot, give up Google

By By JAMES SORLAND The last of the “giant robots” have left the arena.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the company, as its stock has plummeted and a lawsuit over a $1.5 billion payout has hung over its head.

The “gigantic robot” that the company named Google was launched in 2011 and was a smash hit, selling out arenas in the United States and Europe and dominating the games industry.

The robots were supposed to be cheap and easy to use.

But a year later, Google faced a lawsuit from a robot that had been programmed to beat up its human opponents.

The robot, called GiantRobot, sued Google and its former CEO Larry Page for copyright infringement, saying it had invented the robot and the company’s patent on its concept.

Google’s lawyers responded by saying GiantRobots’ lawsuit was baseless and that Google had patented a technology that could be used to create the robot.

A jury in February 2012 awarded Google $100 million.

Google and its lawyers also sued the robot maker, claiming the patent infringed on the giant robots’ patent.

The judge ordered the company to pay GiantRobotics $1 billion.

The judge also ordered Google to pay $25 million to GiantRobotic’s lawyers and $25.5 million to the United Robot Alliance, which represents GiantRobbots and its competitor.

Google said it would appeal the ruling.

The giant robots that were supposed be the next big thing in sports entertainment have been out of business for years.

Google has since announced plans to shut down its giant robot franchise, which includes the Google TV service.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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