When robots take over your life

Robots have taken over our lives, and they’re starting to take over our cars too.But if you’re an Uber driver, the car is your personal chauffeur.And in an age of connected cars, how can you resist being a part of the next wave of personal robots?We spoke to the people who will be driving ourRead More

How to make your robot sexy robot

First Robotics Magazine has announced its latest robotics technology award.The award was created to recognize and honor the most innovative technologies that are helping to shape the future of robotics.First Robotics Magazine founder and CEO Kevin Ritchie announced the winner for the “Robotics for the Future” prize in a post on the magazine’s website.The winningRead More

Robot Vacuum: It’s all about the dog

Robotic vacuum cleaners are often touted as being the future of the workplace.But while most people who work in a vacuum cleaner say the vacuum is the future, a growing number of experts are skeptical about the viability of this technology, which has been criticized by human rights activists, experts and some experts.The robotic vacuumRead More

How to avoid the legal pitfalls of robotic face reading

By Matt KucharichA robot face reading machine, called a robot face scanner, has been developed by a UK company and has become a hit with fans.The face reading device, which has been designed by BAE Systems, uses a combination of infrared light and high-frequency sound to determine the subject’s facial expression and then responds accordingly.ItRead More

How to watch Robot Vacuum in the movies

The movie is still pretty darn good.I haven’t seen a robot film that is this good in this year.It has the kind of character depth that makes you think of the characters in the original series.It’s also just so good, that when you’ve seen it, you’re thinking, Oh, yeah.You can’t go wrong.There are some momentsRead More

The new shark robot sex dolls are awesome

A robot sex robot that can do just about anything has hit the market.But what exactly are these toys for?The makers of the toy say they can help you achieve any orgasm you want.The robot sex toy company is calling it the Sharkion.Its named after the shark, and its name means “Sexion” in Latin.The SharkionRead More

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