How to get the best robots in 2018

Robot design and engineering are becoming increasingly complex as we become ever more connected and increasingly self-aware, according to a leading robotics research organisation.Robots are becoming more intelligent as they learn, adapting to human behaviour and adapting to new situations, so they are constantly evolving to meet our needs, according the International Federation of RoboticsRead More

Robots dance to Katy Perry’s ‘Powerless’ at SXSW

Robots dance, but not as Katy Perry might have them doing.Katy Perry fans are in full robot mode on Saturday night, but the robot music is not quite as catchy.Katy’s hit song, “Powerless,” is set to debut at the 2018 SXSW music festival, which will take place over the next two days in Austin, Texas.TheRead More

Which robot baby is best?

When it comes to baby robots, Lego is known for its plastic-like construction and its wide range of toys.However, its latest creations are more about customization and playability than technology.And with a slew of toys on the market ranging from the popular Little Buddy to the new Robotic Baby, we asked which is the bestRead More

How to build a Da Vinci robot in two weeks

You’ve built your first Da Vincis robot.Now it’s time to build the body.And for this, you need a robot kit that’s more than a few hundred dollars, but not too expensive.I’ll break down the basic components, and give you some hints on how to build one in the meantime.I have my doubts about a robotRead More

Why did Roomba review Rota robot vacuums?

1 / 6 Rota robots are now on sale for as little as €1,999.There are also Roombas available for under €500.The first of the Roombahs was unveiled in 2013, and is still one of the most popular Roombah brands in the world.The Rota Roombam will be coming to the UK, too.There is also the RotaRead More

How to find slow robots

How do you find slow, but effective, robots?As with any skill, there are some tips you can apply.The following article is based on a recent survey, which asked a wide range of questions about robot skills.As we will see, these questions were all very relevant to finding slow, effective robots, and it is possible toRead More

Which robots should you use in your kitchen?

The robotic restaurant robot is the subject of a new video, as well as a new restaurant app, that explores what makes a restaurant robot appealing to customers.The app, called The Robot Restaurant, launched in March.Its creators say the video and app showcase the robots’ ability to serve food with a sense of humor, makingRead More

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