The most dangerous robot you’ve never heard of

With the MIP-robot set to go into the spotlight for the first time, a new documentary aims to expose the dangers it poses.The MIP robot is the first ever robotic vacuum cleaner to feature an automated cleaning system that works by using sensors and lasers to vacuum the entire room and even remove all theRead More

Why Nerf and cool robots are the future of technology

Nerf robots are here to stay and we want them to stay cool.And we’re making sure that we’re not the only ones doing it.In this episode of The Nerf Wars, we chat with Rob and Erin from Cool Robot, which is the company behind the Nerf N-Strike, a robotic gun that’s been used by childrenRead More

How to ask robot a question

Why are you asking a robot a difficult question?The answer may surprise you.Robots have been asking us questions for decades.Ask them questions like, “What is your favourite food?”, “What’s the weather like in the week of January, April and May?”, and, “Which colour is the sky?”(or, if you’re feeling adventurous, “Do you want to beRead More

Why Star Wars robot suit is a loser

The Star Wars robots have long been iconic, and the latest iteration has only grown more famous in recent years.But the robot suit from a Japanese robotics company, Robotics Advanced Concepts, is a no-go.The suit has long been a favorite among film and video game fans, as it’s worn by the likes of Star Wars:Read More

Google, Amazon, Facebook to merge in 2020

Robots could be the next disruptive technology for the world’s largest companies, with companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon expected to merge, according to a new report from research firm Gartner.The companies, which include Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Twitter, are set to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in 2021 that would see the mergingRead More

How to create a robot that looks like a woman

When you think of a robot, most likely you think the one on a screen will look like one you’ve seen before, but you’d probably be surprised how many people have been inspired to create something new with that assumption.And in fact, if you’re looking for a new gender robot, you’re probably not alone.Female sexRead More

How to hack medical robots

I’ve got a little medical robot that I built and have been experimenting with.But it’s not the most interesting of medical robots out there.Instead, it’s a medical assistant.Here’s what I’ve learned about robotics and artificial intelligence.I’ve never built an AI assistant before.I’m learning about the field from a few friends who have, but never reallyRead More

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