A male robot vacuum cleaner has been made in an anime style

Eufy Robot Vacuum, the company behind the Gita Robot Girl, the humanoid robot that was made into a sexy anime-style robot vacuum by Japanese animator, Gita Eufiyoshi, has released a sexy robotic pool cleaner modeled after the female robot.

Eufy is one of the most popular brands of male sex robots in the world.

The company’s product line includes Eufys Aqua robot, which has been on sale for several years and has been shown on the Japanese version of Robot Wars.

Euffy’s Aqua robot is also available as a male sex robot.

Its name, Aqua, translates to “love” in Japanese.

It is a popular and widely-accepted male sex doll in Japan.

The company’s Eufey is also known for having a female robot, the Gitti robot.

The robot was modeled after Gittel, a character in the popular anime series Digimon Adventure.

The Aqua robot also has a more masculine appearance, and features a pair of short legs that have four points on the bottom.

The legs of the Aqua robot are also longer than the Gittell robot’s, and feature a smaller robot head with an elongated face.

Gitti has a feminine appearance and features large breasts and a feminine face.

Its robot head is longer and has four points.

Its arms are also shorter than the Aqua’s.

The Gittes have also been dubbed “bizarre” in Japan, and have been dubbed a “monster.”

Euffy is currently planning to release a female Gittiloid robot later this year, which the company has stated is more in line with the character designs in the series.

Source: Google News

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