3 robots to help get rid of trash

Robots will be on the move as the city begins installing new trash collection systems and other technology.

A report published Wednesday by the New York City Department of Finance says the robots will help keep the city clean, as well as help reduce litter and encourage people to reduce their use of plastic bags.

The program is called robot cleanup.

The goal is to help reduce trash, and will include robot helpers that can pick up, empty and dispose of trash in a citywide program.

The robots will be able to identify items in their surroundings and deliver them to the city’s collection points.

They’ll also be able pick up and deliver other items.

The robots will arrive in the city in 2019 and cost $2,400.

They will be installed in more than 100 locations throughout the city.

The program will be funded by a $5 million federal grant.

The report noted that the robots can pick trash in areas with large populations of people, such as schools and the office.

There will also be a portion of the money to buy more robots, and the program will allow the city to expand the program in other areas of the city, including the East Village, Chinatown and the Battery Park.

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