Robot Vacuum Mop to be released in Australia next year

The Australian company Robot Vacuums is developing a robotic vacuum cleaner which is designed to be the first to use AI and robots to operate autonomously.The company says the system is capable of removing dust, dirt and water particles from the environment, which is useful for cleaning buildings and areas where there is a lackRead More

How to install a robot to manage your uptime

Posted June 06, 2018 01:50:03 A new company, Upwork, announced a new way of controlling your uptempo and automation at work.Called a “upwork-style” automation platform, UpWork automates the process of managing your work remotely from your phone.The platform allows you to use Upwork-like tools to automate your work from a phone.It’s similar to what companiesRead More

Roboto font for sexy robot coloring pages

Roboto is an online font company that has been creating font designs for robots since 2008.Now the company has created a new font that they say has a very sexy feel.It’s called Robot Chicken, and it’s a gorgeous, very retro font that has some great colors.The company says it created this font to be usedRead More

Robots can drive vehicles with less than 30 percent of the brainpower

We’re already working on the next generation of robots that use our brains less than 20 percent of their computational capacity.Today, we’re unveiling an open-source effort to make this technology more accessible to everyone.We’ve also been developing a system that uses artificial intelligence to learn how to drive a car.But in the short term, it’sRead More

How to get an ambulance robot ready to go to work

Medical robots are already available for use in hospitals, but there are currently few robots that can do the jobs required.Now, there are new ones on the market and they’re being designed specifically for use with patients.miquella is a medical robot that can perform routine tasks such as dressing, cleaning and administering medications.It’s already beenRead More

How spiders are able to communicate with their friends

Spiders are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, with the ability to mimic human speech and read emotions.But they are also vulnerable, and their interactions with humans can be quite unsettling.Here’s how one spider, a common species, has come up with a new way to communicate.This story first appeared on the BBC News website.BBCRead More

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