How to watch Robot Vacuum in the movies

The movie is still pretty darn good.I haven’t seen a robot film that is this good in this year.It has the kind of character depth that makes you think of the characters in the original series.It’s also just so good, that when you’ve seen it, you’re thinking, Oh, yeah.You can’t go wrong.There are some momentsRead More

Robot Name Generator for Roboto robot

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Why you should use the new Litter Robot from The Litter Bots

We are excited to announce the launch of The Lumberbots Litter Bot, a robotic companion for the new RoboLitter game.The LitchBot is a self-contained robotic companion that will let players and AI play together.Litchbots Litchbot is the first robot to offer the ability to walk through the same level of terrain as a player.It isRead More

Which wood robots should you buy?

In a new post to its forums, The Robot Arm Tattoo, a UK company specializing in custom tattooing and robotics, has announced a new “Woodrobot Arm” robotic arm tattooing service.The service includes three options for woodrobot tattooing: “Tattoo” tattoo, “Automatic” tattoo and “Manic” tattoo.Each option includes a tattoo-based design and a mechanical tattoo-to-wound system, soRead More

When the first robot can do the job, you want it to be a robot

The first robots that can perform a variety of tasks have been demonstrated in labs.They include the vacuum cleaner, the wheelchair and even the new electric vehicle.Now, researchers are trying to make one for humans.This month, the International Society of Robotics, or ISRO, announced a new project that aims to bring together roboticists, engineers andRead More

How to kill robots: How to build killer robots

Killer robots are coming.They’re going to be everywhere.They have a name: the robot apocalypse.They are already here.And they are terrifying.But they’re not all bad.A lot of good things are possible with robots.They can help us with health care, for example, by providing safe, automated delivery for medical and dental patients, helping us protect our homesRead More

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