How to make your own spider man robots

Hacker News is known for its humor and in-depth coverage of technology and computer science.But it’s also a place where you can make your very own robot, according to a new post on the website.The post is called “How to make a spider man bot.”In the post, Hacker News user Maksim Bekhali writes, “This articleRead More

How to make a robot that speaks to you

If you’re looking to add an additional voice to your conversations, you may be in luck.A team of scientists in Germany has developed a device that can read a person’s mind, and it does so in the blink of an eye.They’ve also used the technology to make robotic assistants that can interact with the humanRead More

Google Fonts Roboto Dog Gets ‘Roboto’ Version 2.0

Google has finally released its Roboto language plugin for iOS, Android and the web.The plugin now supports all the popular fonts and has many other additions and enhancements.This version adds a new “Roboto” section, which lets you select any Roboto font and add it to your text.Google’s Roboto is the language of the robots andRead More

When robots take over your life

Robots have taken over our lives, and they’re starting to take over our cars too.But if you’re an Uber driver, the car is your personal chauffeur.And in an age of connected cars, how can you resist being a part of the next wave of personal robots?We spoke to the people who will be driving ourRead More

A male robot vacuum cleaner has been made in an anime style

Eufy Robot Vacuum, the company behind the Gita Robot Girl, the humanoid robot that was made into a sexy anime-style robot vacuum by Japanese animator, Gita Eufiyoshi, has released a sexy robotic pool cleaner modeled after the female robot.Eufy is one of the most popular brands of male sex robots in the world.The company’s productRead More

How to make a robot lawn mowing robot

If you’ve got a robot that can make your lawn and garden grow, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a little bit odd.But, it turns out, robots are actually pretty good at making their lawns grow.And they’re doing it faster than humans.Al Jazeera’s Daniel Deakin reports from Stockholm.

Battle robots are outfitted with a variety of high-tech gadgets, including a GPS tracker, smart home gadgets and an “electronic eye” for the robot owner

The battle robots are being built by Kuka Robotics, the Japanese company that manufactures robot toys that feature electronic eyes that are attached to the heads.The company says the robots, which range in size from about 3 to about 12 inches in length, are equipped with a range of high tech gadgets including a trackingRead More

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